Kino – ‘It’s Me Not You’

It’s Me Not You.

A programme of international video art curated by Pryle Berhman.
Scottish Society of Artists Annual Exhibition 2014.

Royal Scottish Academy,
Scottish National Gallery.

5-20 December 2014.

Kino Kommt

The construction of KINO, my modernist cinema, is well under way. Clad with re-cycled laminates and designed according to Bauhaus principles, the construction references Mies van der Rohe’s ‘Barcelona Pavillion’. The flat pack construction is soon to be delivered for assembly in Gallery 7 in the splendid RSA building of The National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh.

The cinema will show ‘Its Me Not You’, a great programme of films by international artists chosen by guest curator Pryle Berhman, curator of Art Projects at London Art Fair