Empire, Wall Projects, Montrose

July/August 2015

An exhibition curated by Gayle Nelson PSSA, and Alan Bond SSA.

The former premises of the Montrose Rope & Sail Co. now occupied by Wall Projects, which was established by Kim Kanale, provided the venue for an exciting and widely reviewed show. Both the modernised upper galleries and the raw, post-industrial space on the ground floor were used. The atmospheric and decaying rope-spinning space is over 100 meters long and only 4 meters wide. My contribution to the show was to build a jetty over the broken and unsafe floor. I thought of the surface of the floor as a metaphor for the sea. ‘Jetty’ referenced the maritime history of the factory and port, and the idea of a point of departure. The show was enhanced by a talk and reading by the acclaimed author James Robertson from his award winning novel ‘Joseph Knight ‘.