Airborne Jerwood Drawing Prize Shortlist 2014 These drawings depict formation landings of Horsa gliders. Bulky, fragile and unarmed, these single use aircraft were used to deliver airborne troops in the Second World War. The drawings are a memorial and reflect how events fade from living memory to historical record within a lifetime.
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Planetarium 2005 – Artvaults, Southampton 2006 – Nocturne, Rabley Contemporary Drawing Centre, Wilts 2006 – The Stars down to Earth, The Nunnery, London 2008 – Becks Art Fusions, Contemporary Art Society, Manchester 2013 – Cupar Arts Festival The Planetarium was first made for a project in the medieval vaults beneath Southampton. A sense of calm pervades the interior and the geodesic ply
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Lodge 2010 – August Art, London Based on the white stucco gatehouses that fringe Regents Park, London, I was interested in how a small building could be both beautiful and pompous. The exterior appearance is more important than its function. I have re-arranged the building so that it has four identical facades resulting in an absurdly small interior. The four doors collide with each making the space useless.
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Pantheon Rotor

Pantheon Rotor 2009 – Shunt, London Bridge. The Pantheon was made from abandoned, old and modern materials gleaned from around Hackney in East London, creating a colourful and eclectic exterior. The interior was made from narrow planks of pallet wood with the appearance of the interior drum of a fairground ‘Wall of Death’ or ‘Rotor‘. I thought of this Pantheon as a place of recreation an
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