Pantheon – Hidden Door

Pantheon – Hidden Door 2014 – Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh. In this version of the Pantheon, the circular form can only be observed from its interior. The facade blocks the view from the street. Fitting snugly within its Edinburgh vault, it was later discovered to be almost exactly 1/10th scale of the original Roman building. There is an unverified story that when it snows Romans flock to see the spect
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Alan Bond, Beneath us Constellations - SSA Annual Exhibition 2013

Beneath us Constellations

Beneath us Constellations 2013 – SSA Annual Exhibition, Scottish National Galleries-RSA When I wanted to make a smaller version of my installations it was important that it worked at that scale and was not merely a model. In this context the piece is validated by its quasi scientific function. The dome has tiny holes drilled in it into which are inserted optic fibre filaments of varying diameters. These collect
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