Alan Bond

Market Garden

Market Garden 2009 – Shunt, London Bridge This full scale re-construction of the nose cone of a WW2 Horsa glider was made from drawings I made from a rare original fragment of these expendable aircraft. I have a childhood memory of seeing one up-ended and re-cycled for use as a greenhouse. The sculpture quotes the idea of ‘swords into ploughshares’. I arranged greenhouse staging within the cockpit a
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Pantheon Rotor

Pantheon Rotor 2009 – Shunt, London Bridge. The Pantheon was made from abandoned, old and modern materials gleaned from around Hackney in East London, creating a colourful and eclectic exterior. The interior was made from narrow planks of pallet wood with the appearance of the interior drum of a fairground ‘Wall of Death’ or ‘Rotor‘. I thought of this Pantheon as a place of recreation an
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